Published on March 3, 2021

Add Gamification to Your Website

Ryan Jones

Gamification isn’t all that new of a concept. But as we discover better, more efficient ways to build websites, we now have the time to dedicate to innovative design techniques like gamification that we might not have otherwise considered.

Gamification is the use of game design mechanics in non-game applications and processes to engage audiences, enhancing the user’s experience and solving problems.


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There is a wide range of gamification techniques, from small games to leaderboards, but maybe the most common and popular of them in websites is the use of profile badges.

Providing users with information relating to their performance levels, such as the number of positive reviews you have gained from your peers or other users, can give them the incentive to persevere with a task or a range of tasks, depending on the nature of the experience. In addition, you could offer users the opportunity to gain collectable achievements, such as ‘medals’ or an elevated status within an online community.

However, adding them into a website is not common unless the site has a reason for this achievement system. Ideally, your goal is for your visitors to engage more with your website, but what would the achievement system do for your visitors?

What ideas would you use gamification for on your website?

Use-cases for Achievement System in Websites

Education/Training Helper

Using the award system as a way to help a visitor track their progress through some sort of training or education. Each time they complete a training page or topic, they get awarded with that level of achievement.

Profile Completion

Similar to training helper, a checklist of what needs to be done to complete the profile of the visitor can help the visitor know what is needed next. Facebook, Linkedin and other online social accounts have some sort of system to list what needs attention for your account.

More Engagement = Discount

Encouraging the visitor to engage more with the award of a discount can be valuable to both yourself and your visitors. Having online shops with achievements scattered around the website that help the visitor learn more about your products and services might help increase sales. eg Hit a certain number of awards and get $25 off!

Using Physical Locations, QR Codes & Gamification

Qr Code Menu

A brick-and-mortar shop could place QR codes around the shop to encourage customers to explore around the shop trying to find and scan them. Even settings up a mini-game for the kids to keep them entertained might have the parents thanking you.

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You can find a free gamify plugin for WordPress here.

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