Published on February 14, 2023

Apple Listing to Appear On Apple Maps

Ryan Jones
apple listing

Apple recently launched a new platform, Apple Business Connect, which allows businesses to make it easier for customers to find them on Apple Maps.

Business owners can claim a location card, manage their business information and track their listing performance using the insights tool. This tool provides information on what people search for before tapping on the location card, number of taps on the various action buttons, and direction requests.

Although unlikely to challenge Google’s Maps dominance, this move shows Apple’s ambitions to capture a large share of the local business market with over 1.5 billion Apple devices in use.

To claim a business location on Apple Maps, business owners need to sign in with an Apple ID, agree to the terms of use and provide necessary information about their business. The verification process differs for existing locations and new locations created from scratch, with the former being instant through a phone call and the latter requiring official documentation. The setup process involves confirming or modifying the address, adding information about the location, entering company details and verifying the information provided.

After verification, the user is taken to their location dashboard where they can add details such as a cover photo, logo, description, photos, operating hours, phone number, and website address to their location card. The user can also add additional information such as attributes, change language, add a location code ID, and highlight special offers or events. The user can monitor the performance of their location card through the insights section.

Lastly, the user can delegate the management of their location card by granting access to someone else through the team option.

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