Published on December 15, 2021

Online Business Marketing Tips For The Holidays

Ryan Jones

With Christmas only a few days away, let us see what you can do as retailers to maximise your profits for this special day.

Update your website with the latest products well in advance

Start uploading all the latest products and offerings on your website well before time.

This will allow your customers to know about the wide range of deals and products on offer.

And if you can give them a gorgeous variety, this would prevent your customers from visiting other websites and purchasing from there.

Ensure your site is super prompt

Website speed is an important factor influencing online sales.

Despite offering attractive discounts, some businesses stay significantly behind the pack, because of their slow website speed. For an online customer, there is no worse deterrent than having to wait because the web pages are taking eons to load.

Additionally, you can also get your site mobile optimized, if it is not yet. Because everyone will not access the sites from their PCs or laptops. While on the go, people mostly use smartphones and tablets.

So make sure your website works at the speed of lightning both on mobile devices and also on desktops and laptops.

Bundle products to increase their viability

To boost sales and improve conversion rates, you can bundle products.

The idea of categorizing items will help you in offering great deals which customers are always looking out for. These may include themed gift ideas where you bundle a couple of products together.

You can sell them as beautiful sets or give the customers a buy one and get one offer. These showcase sets and bundles will offer the customers a reasonable price which will be much lower than the cumulative price of the items sold individually.

So the customers will be easily sold into the idea. This will increase your average order value, resulting in more revenue.

Make your offers exclusive

Customers want maximum value from every penny spent.

So have something special like a limited-edition offer, flash, or limited-period sales. You can also instill a sense of fear and urgency among the customers on the pretext that their favorite items may soon run out of stock.

And to materialize your plan, you may resort to options like 1-hour deals, deal of the day, or 1-day only deals.

These short-term discounts give the customers the impression that they get maximum value by spending less.

Come up with creative packaging ideas

Gift wrap your products in the most creative ways possible.

Adding personal touches to the packaging shows you care for your customers’ sentiments and feelings.

This will help you carve a special place in your customers’ hearts.

Keep your customer support available 24/7

On a given day, your support system is not available throughout the day and night.

But on these special days, do extend the hours of operation to lend timely support to the customers.

When you change your hours of operation to accommodate customer queries and concerns, intimate these details succinctly to them through marketing emails, social media, or your website.

Guide your customers in their purchases

The customers may be too overwhelmed with the discounts and offers.

So for different types of customers, suggest what could be the best deals for each category of items.

Collaborate with charities and non-profit organizations

Some holidays are a day of giving (or after). You can partner with charitable organizations and allow the consumers an opportunity to donate at checkout. This will help create co-branding materials with your partners.

And your customers would know buying from your website is much beyond a regular shopping experience.

Offer free shipping

As a bonus, you can offer your customers free shipping or free items. It is a nice way to say thank you for purchasing from your website.

But at the same time, this is also a time-tested way of introducing your customers to new products and bring the spotlight on unsold items.

Get your shipping services in order

Before the start of the holiday shopping season, make sure all your fulfillment services are in place. This is to make sure there are no delays in supplies.

Competition around this time is going to be very high. So coordinate with courier services well in advance and have all your shipping plans ready.

Send emails one month before

Let your potential as well as long-time customers know about your holiday deals and offers at least one month in advance through emails.

This potent form of digital marketing may help you snatch the limelight from others early.

Promote on social media

Use the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote your upcoming sales. This is a great way to engage with your customers.


The above holiday marketing tips can help boost your sales and give your company a brand-new color in this highly competitive world of marketing.

Which tip added the most value for you?

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