Published on June 1, 2019

Simple Google Alerts For Your Business

Ryan Jones

Google Alerts is an amazing tool that detects content changes on the internet and notifies you when those changes are noticed by Google (usually immediately). Google Alerts allows users to pick certain keywords or search terms and will notify them when those search terms appear online and will direct them to the site that published the specified keywords.

Brand Mentions Using Google Alerts

You can use Google Alerts to pick up brand mentions ready for you to request backlinks or share that newfound page on your social media (if relevant). This is also known as Business Reputation Management.

The basic search for getting good results is as follows:
“That Website Is Me” “”

  • The first section is your business brand name – the quotation marks tell Google to search for that exact phrase.
  • The second part is the domain name of your website and also has its own quotation marks. Again to tell Google to add that exact phrase into the search.
  • The third section is the domain name but is tell Google to exclude your own website. We don’t need to see your own website for this alert.

Using Facebook as an example would look like this: “Facebook” “”

Step 1 – Setting Up Your Google Alert 

Visit Google Alerts, Login with your Google Account if needed, and enter in your business details like this:
“Your Brand Name” “”

It should look like this:

Step 2 – Setting Additional Options

Next to the button, Create Alert is Show Options – select that and a panel of options will appear.

Each has its own purpose and most will depend on you business location and personal needs.

How Often
Set for As It Happens, At Most Once a Day, or At Most Once a Week. The frequency should be based on how often you would work on your branding (daily, or weekly)

Unless you have a specific purpose as we describe below, you can leave it set to Automatic.

That’s an easy one.

Again, this depends on the purpose of the alert. The dropdown contains a list of countries.

How Many
Set for Only the Best Results or All Results. Select All Results.

Select Create Alert when you are ready to go.

Monitor Competition

You can set up your Google Alerts to let you know what your competition is up to online.

If they are releasing a new product, pushing out new blog posts (part of an SEO content plan?), or making headlines in some other way, Google Alerts will let you know. You can also see what people are saying about your competition, good and bad, Google Alerts will let you see every mention of whichever search term you choose.

Here are a few examples.

Competitor’s New Content:

Competitors Brand Mentions #1: “Competitor Name” “”

Competitors Brand Mentions #2: (“I think” OR “Has anyone tried” OR “This guest post by”) AND “Competitor Name” AND

There are tonnes of ideas out there already and each suits a different purpose for each different business and website.

Maybe create an Alert for more Google Alerts… (hint: “Google Alert”

What are some smart Google Alerts that have worked well for your business?

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