How To Create A Sales Page In WooCommerce

How To Create A Sales Page In WooCommerce

One of the easiest ways to appeal to customers is with an instant discount. There’s no work involved for them — they just click, save, and feel great about getting the deal of a lifetime.

Creating the Sales Page

Navigate to Pages > Add new tab on the left of the Dashboard.

Fill in the title of the page. Eg Sales

If you have Gutenberg enabled, you can use the WooCommerce block On Sale Products.

Or if you are still using the classic editor, paste this shortcode to the content field:

Hit Publish/Update – and you are finished creating your sales page. You can add extra content above and below such as images, about the sale etc.

To add your new Sales page to the Menu: go to Appearance -> Menus, select the Menu it should appear in (eg Header Menu, Main Menu etc), and add the created page to this menu, drag it to the expected position and Save Menu.

Adding Products to the Sale Page

Go to Products, and find the first product that is to be on sale.

Click Quick Edit when hovering on the product.

Set the Sale price – and hit Update.

Repeat for as many On Sale products as you need.

Head over to your Sales page to check it out!

Schedule Sales in Advance

One of the logistical issues that a new store owner might run into is how you’re going to schedule sales ahead of time so that you don’t have to wake up at 4am to change all of your prices.

You can also schedule these sales in advance, if you prefer, using WooCommerce’s built-in time settings for sales.

Scheduling a Sale with a Simple Product

Go to Products and then click on one of your products to edit.

Scroll down to the Product Data tab and right next to the Sale Price click on the Schedule link.

Once you click the Schedule link two new fields will popup. The start date and end date.

Enter in your Sale Price, the Start and End Sale Price Dates, and hit Update.

If you’re within the sale dates when you set them, you’ll see the discounted sale on the product page and your product will appear in the Sales Page between those dates.

How the Sale Date Works

The sale date is based on the time you have set for your site.

You can check the time zone set for your site under Settings > GeneralTimezone.

Creating Multiple Sale Pages

You can even take sales page a step further and schedule content or social media marketing around these sales — all in advance — saving you considerable time and hassle on the day(s) of the sale itself.

Promoting the same sales page for Christmas, Boxing Day, Easter, and other Aussie holidays may just not look or feel right for the customer. Having a Christmas Day themed Sales Page may just get the customer into the Christmas spirit.

Maybe even think of having random surprise or “flash” sales. Keeping this in mind, not every promotion has to be planned or marketed in advance. The element of surprise can be a powerful thing, and can be just as delightful (if not more so!) than a holiday treat.

You can redirect the pages afterwards using SEO Plugins that have redirect features:

Would be best to redirect to the main sales page as to not fully lose any value you may be bale to provide for the visitor.

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