The Power of Voice (In A Website)

The Power of Voice (In A Website)

This article is best viewed and tested on desktop (not a mobile device)


The sound we make by vibrating air that allows one person to share thoughts with another for better understanding.

But what happens when websites take on this trait?
Do the 3 laws of robotics still apply? Of course!?

We have already seen it happen with Siri and Google Now. Even home voice command boxes can be bought and used. Even this page has voice command!

Test it out…
Note: Please allow the microphone to listen to your voice if needed. A popup may have appeared.
Note #2: You will need audio enabled as well.

Say “Tell me a joke

Sadly, he is a bad joke teller.

So what could he (or she) be used be?
Note: The following will take you away from this page.

You could search for something by saying “Search for …“. This will search on this website.
You could say “Take Me Back” and head to the previous page before visiting this page.

While not setup on this page, you could also say:

  • Add in “next section” and jump down the page as they read
  • “Get a quote” or “Get In Contact” would be fast call to actions.
  • “Call Business” or “Call Now” for quick phone calls
  • “Save this page” or “Bookmark this page”
  • “Play video”, “Pause music”, “Save the image to my phone”, “Share Video on…”
  • Comment I really like this article“. (This one now works – try it)

Why let Google be the only one controlled by voice… Your website can have it as well!

You can head over to and for some more information. Or say “I want to know more
While it may still be buggy and in early stages (does not work fully on mobile devices automatically), it is one more jump into the final frontier.

While the ideas are voiceless, our words can get us started.

Remember to say: “Share On Facebook“.
Note: You will need to allow pop-ups from us for this to work.

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