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Subscriptions How to manage your subscription/s with That Website Is Me?Tags: care plan hosting support plan
Email Integrate your email address into GmailTags:
Admin How To Update Your Payment Card Details With That Website Is Me?Tags:
Admin Editing/Adding A Service PageTags: Services
Development How to use the Website Feedback feature?Tags:
Tracking Add/Remove Google Analytics UsersTags: google Analytics
Social Media Add/Remove users to Google My Business ListingsTags: gmb google my business
Plugin How to use the Map Nearby plugin?Tags:
Admin Create & Add Facebook Page To Business ManagerTags: business manager facebook
Admin Add/Remove Users To Facebook PageTags: Facebook Shop Instagram Product Feed
Admin Add/Remove Users In Google MerchantTags: Google Merchant
General How To Take A ScreenshotTags: grab screenshot
Admin Add/Remove Google Search Console UsersTags: search console webmaster
Email Why are my emails appearing in other people's spam/junk?Tags: delivered delivery
Images Image Optimisation - File Size, dimensions, converting, uploadingTags: jpg png resize Resolution type uploading
Social Media Send Facebook Messenger code to your website developerTags: chat
Email Set Up Email on an iPhoneTags: add
Admin Adding A New User To Your WebsiteTags: add adding Administrator
General How do I schedule a post in Wordpress?Tags: future unschedule
General How many blog posts should I write before I go live with my blog?Tags: seo
Admin What's the best way to backup my website?Tags:
General What's The Difference Between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org?Tags:
Admin What can I do about spam?Tags:
Admin How can I make sure my website is secure?Tags: hack passwords safe Update
Admin Will it make my website slow I install too many plugins?Tags: speed
Images How do I add an image gallery to my post?Tags:
Images How to I add a featured image?Tags:
Admin How do I change my footer?Tags: copywrite
Admin How can I edit my sidebar?Tags: widget
Admin How do I edit my WordPress menu?Tags: navigation
General How do I use categories and tags in WordPress?Tags: blog group organise
General How to embed videos in WordPress?Tags: add display show video youtube
Admin How do I install plugins in WordPress?Tags: upload
Errors WordPress is stuck in maintenance modeTags: broken down error not working scheduled maintenance stop stopped website down work
Errors 504 Gateway TimeoutTags: 504 broken down error not working stop stopped website code website down work
Errors 503 Service UnavailableTags: 503 broken down error not working stop stopped website code website down work
Errors 502 Bad GatewayTags: 502 broken down error not working stop stopped website code website down work
Errors 404 Not FoundTags: 404 broken down error not working stop stopped website code website down work
Errors 403 ForbiddenTags: 403 broken down error not working stop stopped website code website down work
Errors 401 UnauthorizedTags: 401 broken down error not working stop stopped website code website down work
Errors 400 Bad RequestTags: 400 broken down error not working stop stopped website code website down work
Images Where to find free photos & imagesTags: free
Domain Name How to purchase a domain name?Tags: Domain Registrars namecheap NetRegistry
Domain Name How to change the Domain Name Servers (DNS)?Tags: dns Domain Name Servers namecheap NetRegistry
General How to edit your WordPress profile?Tags:
Passwords How to reset your WordPress password?Tags:
Passwords How to login/logout of your website?Tags:
General How to create a new Page/Post?Tags:
General How to edit a Page/Post?Tags:
General How to use the Divi Visual Builder?Tags:
How to Edit/Add the Navigation Menu?Tags:
Will the website show up in search engines?Tags:
Hosting How to access the hosting cPanel account?Tags:
WooCommerce How To Add A New Single Product?Tags:
WooCommerce How To Add a New Variable Product (Different sizes, colours, types)?Tags:
WooCommerce How to Manage/Delete a Product?Tags:
WooCommerce How to manage Product Categories?Tags:
WooCommerce How to manage Shop Orders?Tags:
WooCommerce How to view WooCommerce Reports?Tags:
WooCommerce How to write Product Descriptions?Tags:
General How to schedule publishing a post?Tags:
Passwords How To Manage All The Passwords?Tags: change create hacked manage password
Passwords How to privately share passwords?Tags:
Tracking How to use UTM tags for better visitor tracking?Tags:

Ongoing Projects

View any ongoing projects - all billing, stages and website information regarding the project can be found here.
Client Portal
Project Tasks

Hosting & Support Subscriptions

View, edit & update your hosting or support  plans for your websites.

Your  Account Profile

View, edit & update your profile, card details and more.

Submit A Support Ticket

Enter in your task/issue, your website and your contact details - and a ticket will be created with an email confirmation sent to you.
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Stay Connected With Your Business Online

These are the recommended apps and online accounts that will help you appear online in the most places for free.

Google Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place.
Android App
iPhone App
Google Analytics

Google My Business

With a Google My Business Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.
Android App
iPhone App
Google My Business

Facebook Business

With Facebook Business Suite (Pages Manager), you can access and manage the tools your business needs to thrive across your Facebook Page and Instagram account, simplified and in one place.
Android App
iPhone App
Facebook Business

Google Search Console

Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site's Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results
Search Console

Bing Places

Bing places for business is a FREE service using which you can manage your business listing on Bing Search and Maps.
Android App
iPhone App
Bing Places

Bing Webmaster Tools

Get your site's performance data, take advantage of free SEO tools and analyse insights to improve your page rankings on Bing search results. Bing search is also used by DuckDuckGo.
Webmaster Tools

Apple Maps Connect

Add or update your business information in Apple Maps to help customers find you.
Apple Maps Listing
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