Brisbane Southside History Network (BSHN)

Neville works with many local historian groups around Brisbane Southside and needed to showcase them. He also needed a way to share his information from all network history groups.

This is where the BSHN website came about with sub websites of Coppers Plains and Sunnybank Hills. The website was a simple one in that is just needed a few pages to display the different groups, members, and publications. A contact form for various requests was also created.

The logo was a quick design up to have some branding.

Dr Neville Buch

Repeat Client

A New Era for Brisbane’s History
The Brisbane Southside History Network (BSHN) aims to unify all of the local history groups located on the south side of Brisbane. By creating a diverse platform which has ties to the other prominent local history groups located on the south side of Brisbane, That Website Is Me has worked with BSHN in a way which will allow those interested in the history of their home area to be enriched with the knowledge of prominent groups, names, and historians.

With associated Historian consultant Dr Neville Buch the BSHN works with local history groups in a variety of areas, ranging from Annerly, West End, Cooparoo, Coopers Plains, Balmoral and Bulimba. Along with these areas there are project under way which will associate the BSHN with Queensland’s leading researchers in prison history.

The BSHN is able to bring together these websites using the system put in place by the website developer and designer That Website Is Me. On the BSHN’s primary website the prominent local history groups are listed in a clear manner with links to specific pages which show the love and support these websites and organizations have received, as well as a brief description of the group and ample details regarding the groups contact information.

The aim of the BSHN is to network and bring together all local history groups in South Brisbane and to provide a comprehensive and clear interface for users to navigate between these different history groups. It aims to provide easy accessibility to any and all Australians with a passion for their local history and heritage, or to function a resource for professional historians on the Brisbane Southside.

As well as providing a comprehensive network of Brisbane’s active local history scene, BSHN also provides a detailed well of local news and projects with relevance to Brisbane’s history. Such projects include the Fairfield Walk which successfully took place on the 30th of August with over fifteen participants. The Fairfield Walk is a three kilometre journey through the suburb of Fairfield looking at its historical ties to the Fairfield train station, The Depression, and architectural history of prominent buildings in Fairfield.

Other projects include raising local awareness of Griffith University Volunteer day, and the Mapping Brisbane History Project. It is these local endeavours and projects which serve as the lifeblood of Brisbane’s local history, invigorating public interest as well as bringing together amateur and professional historians for lively discussion and debate over key historical locations and events.

It is in the interest of the BSHN to continue expanding its network of relations to other websites and historical groups, this will continue to be achieved with support from the platform developed by That Website Is Me. Continuing this work will result in a more rich understanding for the people of south Brisbane regarding our cultured historical backdrop.

Dr Neville Buch

Proffessional Historian,

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