DSGN Kartell

Ronny wanted a place to show the world his work and ideas. After being referred to me, we got talking and discussed his ideas and his direction.

From there we created the portfolio, blog and service landing pages to better showcase the company.

Ronny now has a rich online presence and the room to grow comfortably online.

Ronny Matzat

Repeat Client

Automatic Blogging

Ronny is a busy man and did not have time to share his blog posts on his social media accounts. A system was setup so that each post was automatically shared to his Facebook, twitter, and Google My Business profiles!

This quick outreach setup allows Ronny to spend more time on growing his business.

Member Network

Ronny has a team behind him from all over the work, and this team needed a platform to share, communicate and collaborate.

Being introduced to WordPress, Slack and Smart Emails, Ronny’s team now work fast and effective across the globe.

Absolute reliable, knows his game and educates himself constantly to stay on top of it, passionate about his work and ambitious…I can only recommend Ryan´s work and am very pleased to have him and his team on board of the DSGN Kartell as our IT and web consultant.

Ronny Matzat

Creative Superhero, DSGNK

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