Mapping Brisbane History

Neville has been working with a team of Brisbane historians to map Brisbane historical sites. And he needed a solution to display the data his team had collected.

This Brisbane City Council Funded Project has over 400 local online visitors each month learning about Brisbane’s historical sites.
The project is still ongoing with another update due in 2018 with the final set of data.

Dr Neville Buch

Ongoing Client

Integrating Google Maps

Google Maps is a powerful tool and that is what Neville decided to use to display his team’s data.

Being able to bulk upload his data (400 plus sites and counting), Neville plans to have over 1000 sites added to his Google Maps Interactive Map.

It is critical for professional history businesses to survive that they must develop their scholarly-but-publicly-engaging publications and other products as online sites.
The challenge for both history consultants and public historians employed in various institutions is that IT teams are usually too busy with more pressing organisational agendas to provide even sufficient attention to the needs of the niche but growing history or heritage industry.

That Website is Me has provided me, as a history consultant, working with different teams of professional colleagues, and on several long-term projects, with the essential online development for my business. I have found in this business, not only an extremely reliable web-design consultant, but one who has a far better insight into the technical possibilities for our vision to take local and Queensland history to a whole new level.

That Website is Me is a business which does not provide a service. It is online development that excels in meeting your objectives in a way that shares in your own passions for the success of your own business.

It is what business partnership should be. Dr Neville Buch

Professional Historian,

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