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From a simple gallery per page setup, we created with Andrzej a full but simple to use backend system that allowed Andrzej to add a dress that could be grouped into a collection of dress styles under a dress type.

By also improving the UX and flow of users with better-labelled buttons, images and layout, the ability to view multiple dresses as well as single dresses has expanded Andrzej's websites experience from just a gallery of dresses to a collection of the great work and passion he does for his clients.

Andrzej wanted to expand his SEO reach so by allowing each dress and collection to target a select searched term, we have been able to improve his website's SEO to better appear for those search terms.


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If you are looking for a web-designer that understands the web, is reliable and cares about your product, then Ryan is your man.

Andrzej Pytel

reliable and cares about your product


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