Search Engines generate one of the leading forms of organic traffic for select search terms.

Is your site getting the most traffic it can from search engines?

Local SEO

Be seen by your community for your business within Maps and Search on desktop and maps.

Website Technical SEO

Site speed, correct schema, optimised code tags, labeled images and more all needed to help search engines.

SEO Ranking Content Plan

Target search terms (keywords) with content on your website to generate more traffic.

Intent, Information, Actions

Google’s ever-growing emphasis on usability, accessibility, and quality has reinforced the importance of technical optimisation within your SEO activity.


Monthly Reports

Ensuring you are in the loop and across everything.


Done By Google's Standards

No black hat tactics, or cutting corners.


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Give your business the exposure it deserves.

Est Percentage of clicks per position in Google Search

  • Postion #1 32% 32%
  • Postion #2 13% 13%
  • Postion #3 9% 9%
  • Postion #4 5.7% 5.7%
  • Postion #5 3.8% 3.8%
  • Postion #6 2.8% 2.8%
  • Postion #7 2.1% 2.1%
  • Postion #8 1.6% 1.6%
  • Postion #9 1.2% 1.2%
  • Postion #10 0.9% 0.9%

Why Organic Position #1 is Highly Valued

While being the number one result on a Google search results page is obviously important, these numbers show just how big of an advantage higher ranking websites have over any competitors listed below them.

If you are position #7 and your search term gets 1,000 monthly searches, your website would only be getting 21 clicks.

But if you are ranking position #1 you are more likely to get 320 clicks out of the 1000 monthly searches.

The more competitive the search term, the harder it is to improve your position.

An easy win is to update the Title and Description tag of the page for that search term to encourage more clicks. This has been known to jump up a few positions with just this simple update. Research into the intent of the search term combined with what you offer is a major focus when rewriting these eye-catching clickable links in Google.


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That Website Is Me Local Business seo

Local SEO

Local SEO is where you reach visitors and customers in your local area through Google and Bing. Both search engines have a local SEO system where you can lace your business on their directories. These are called Google My Business and Bing Places. These listings can appear on both their search results, within the maps of both Google Maps and Bing Maps, and in other small but important areas that help with Brand Awareness. These business directories hold information such as your phone number and website to help customers find your business address or online website.

How can we help?

However, Google and Bing want to show the best business for their searches as to provide a great service to their searchers (That is their business model). This is where we can come in to help with optimising your business on these directory listings. To appear in front of more searchers will benefit your business services and products (As long as you have a service or product that solves their needs and wants). This is local SEO on Google My Business is great for small businesses wanting to reach locals.

That Website Is Me Technical seo


Website Technical SEO

For an organic search campaign to succeed, you’ll need to make sure that your website is built on solid foundations, is barrier-free and has the qualities in place to demonstrate value and integrity to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Not only is this crucial in increasing your search performance within the search results but it is also a highly recommended means of mitigating against algorithmic penalties and devaluation.

If your website loading speed, or mobile design is not up to standards, it may be worth an audit.


Duplicate Content Fixes


page Load Speed Review


Hreflang Tags


Broken Links


Mobile Friendliness Test


Schema MarkUp Audit


XML Sitemaps


404 and 500 Errors

That Website Is Me seo Content Plan

SEO Ranking Content Plan

For businesses that need to focus on gaining visitors and customers from the search part of Search Engines (and not the maps or directory listings), then quality researched content is the goal. Google has been kind enough to provide some guidelines on what they know is quality content.

EAT stands for “Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness” and YMYL stands for “Your Money or Your Life”. These are two major factors Google is using to rank pages.

To meet E-A-T a website must have the following:

  1. A “satisfying amount” of high-quality MC
  2. The page and its associated website are authoritative, trustworthy, and informed about the topic
  3. The website has a good reputation

Google goes on to say that you can land yourself in low-quality content land by making things up, not editing material enough, buying papers, using obvious facts (“A German Shepard is a dog”) or over-complicating simple facts. Google’s example? “Pandas eat bamboo. Pandas eat a lot of bamboo. It’s the best food for a Panda bear.”

According to Google, YMYL pages are the ones that can “impact the future happiness, health, or wealth of users.” These pages include shopping or financial pages, medical information pages, legal information pages, and retirement planning pages. Because of their importance, these pages have high, high page quality standards.
While anyone can create YMYL pages, Google pays special attention to the fact that they are all authoritative, factual, and written by experts.

How can we help?

We do the research as to what your customers are searching to better help with writing the content. We can then either share that information with your business or outsource writers to write quality content for your pages.

By using EAT and YMYL, this sets the standards for your content that is designed to attract your customers and visitors.

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