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Search Engines generate one of the leading forms of organic traffic for select search terms.
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Targeted Local SEO

Be seen by your community for your business within Maps and Search on desktop and maps.

Website Technical SEO

Site speed, correct schema, optimised code tags, labeled images and more all needed to help search engines.

SEO Ranking Content Plan

Target search terms (keywords) with content on your website to generate more traffic.

Intent, Information, Actions

Google’s ever-growing emphasis on usability, accessibility, and quality has reinforced the importance of technical optimisation within your SEO activity.


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Percentage of clicks per position in Google

  • Postion #1 32%
  • Postion #2 13%
  • Postion #3 9%
  • Postion #4 5.7%
  • Postion #5 3.8%
  • Postion #6 2.8%
  • Postion #7 2.1%
  • Postion #8 1.6%
  • Postion #9 1.2%
  • Postion #10 0.9%

Why Organic Position #1 is Highly Valued

While being the number one result on a Google search results page is obviously important, these numbers show just how big of an advantage higher ranking websites have over any competitors listed below them.

If you are position #7 and your search term gets 1,000 monthly searches, your website would only be getting 21 clicks.

But if you are ranking position #1 you are more likely to get 320 clicks out of the 1000 monthly searches.

The more competitive the search term, the harder it is to improve your position.

An easy win is to update the Title and Description tag of the page for that search term to encourage more clicks. This has been known to jump up a few positions with just this simple update. Research into the intent of the search term combined with what you offer is a major focus when rewriting these eye-catching clickable links in Google.


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Targeted Local SEO

Maps and Local Search

Having your business on Google Maps allows you to appear not only on Google Maps but also Google Voice Search “Near Me”, Google Search, Google Assistant and more!

Letting customers read your awesome reviews or getting directions to your business location can and does help drive more leads to your business – Literally!

If you are a service that goes to them, no worries! Google allows you to set suburbs or a radius around your location. This is then factored in when someone searches for a service and you cover their area! It allows map users or searchers to call you, visit your website, view your business using Google Street View, and leave great reviews.

Google Organic Search

Google Search. If you are not on it, you are missing out. This is the place for your customers to find your business for generic and brand searches.

While we can not guarantee #1 (Business Name can be #1), we do put our best into getting the best traffic for obtaining the most leads. We are there to help your business gain as much ROI as possible. After all, without you, your customers are searchless.

If you are already on Google and want to take the next step, we can help optimise your website to better capture more searches within Google (and even Bing). Plus heaps more other marketing channels to tap into!

Website Technical SEO

For an organic search campaign to succeed, you’ll need to make sure that your website is built on solid foundations, is barrier-free and has the qualities in place to demonstrate value and integrity to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Not only is this crucial in increasing your search performance within the search results but it is also a highly recommended means of mitigating against algorithmic penalties and devaluation.


Duplicate Content Fixes


Page Load Speed Review


Hreflang Tags


Broken Links


Mobile Friendliness Test


Schema MarkUp Audit


XML Sitemaps


404 and 500 Errors

SEO Ranking Content Plan

Selecting an appropriate keyword that will bring in more organic traffic to your site is the first step to your Content SEO strategy. Keyword selection must be done on the basis of its relevancy to your product, its popularity with the web audience – which can be gauged upon from search engine analytics, and the competition that it will bring along. Keyword selection is not easy because the most popular ones are the most frequently used ones and thus mean increased competition for ranking.

The used keywords must go on to form an informative content with the proper length, readability, and information. Quality of the articles and its relevance are very important, especially given that keywords are not as relevant as they were and the user-friendliness of the site is gaining more importance with algorithms than crawler friendliness since crawler friendliness can be played around with.

Tracking of the keyword and your website is important to know the success (or improvements needed) to bring in that organic search traffic. If you are looking for a faster soution, look into Google Adwords.

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