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WordPress Maintenance & Support Plans

Like any store front, it needs upkeep and maintenance to keep running and bringing in business.
Same goes for your website.
Think of it as Tech Support for your website.
Our support plans keep software on your website updated, secure and visible to search engines.
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Website Security

Keep your website secure & safe – deter bots from hacking and abusing your website.

Daily Website Backups

Keep your mind calm with your website’s database, files, and images stored offsite safely.

Performance Optimisation

We make sure your site is running quickly and efficiently. Speed matters.
Your Site will be in good hands

Select Your Support Plan

For many customers, your website is the first interaction with your business. Just like a storefront, in order to impress your customers and encourage them to take a desired action, your site requires regular upkeep. Our support plans keep software on your website updated, secure and visible to search engines.
Level 3


per month per site
This Level 3 Plan includes new security or speed improvements, automatic website error detection, supports eCommerce/multilanuage websites, plus 2hr priority Techie Tasks support.
Recommended for eshops or any website that is “mission critical” to the business’ success.
Level 2


per month per site
The Level 2 Plan is for websites that want looking after by us for any updates, security issues, and weekly offsite backups with 30min Techie Tasks support.
Recommended for businesses who want to continue improving their website and protect their investment.
Level 1


per month per site
The Level 1 Plan is for websites that just need looking after by us for any updates, security issues, and monthly offsite backups.
Recommended for hobbyists who want to “set it, and forget it” and don’t plan on making many updates or improvements regularly.

When was the last time you updated your website software?

For many customers, your website is the first interaction with your business. Just like a storefront, in order to impress your customers and encourage them to take a desired action, your site requires regular upkeep. Our support plans keep software on your website updated, secure and visible to search engines.

Why maintaining your website is important?

WordPress made up 35% of the internet in 2020, and nearly 28% of e-commerce is WooCommerce. As of February 2020, only 39% of WordPress websites were up to date.

61% of all infected WordPress websites feature out-of-date software.

What would it cost if your website was compromised?

Your website is a public reflection of your business image.

A poorly maintained website with lots of errors, broken links, dead pages and outdated information projects a sloppy business image and can cause business to decline over time.

Why Do websites need maintenance?

Without website maintenance, your website can; get hacked, become bloated, possibly be penalised by Google, be used for phishing (sending spam), accumulate errors, potentially get blacklisted for spam, suffer from black-hat SEO and simply – slow down.

Websites eventually “break”. Resolving these issues can be time consuming and expensive, as well as cost you current or new customers.
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Compare Website Support Plans

Level 1
monthly per site
Level 2
monthly per site
Level 3
monthly per site
Monthly Support For Techie Tasks
Scheduled Website Off-Site Cloud Backups
Free Backup Restoration
Support for websites with eCommerce & Multilanuage
Included Malware Removal & Hack Repair
Daily Scheduled Visual Checks
Weekly Scheduled Check & Redirect of Broken Links
Weekly Scheduled Comment Spam Cleanup
Respond & Fix Issues Discovered
24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring
Scheduled Website Software Updates
Scheduled Database Maintenance
Monthly Site Maintenance Reports
Access to Supported Premium Plugins Updates
WordPress Security Setup & Monitoring

*Tasks are content edits, updates, or changes that can be completed in 15-minutes or less. Does not include new functionality or additional pages. Maximum 1 fifteen-minute task per day.

Which plan is best for me?

For The Happy To Be Online
For The Set & Forgets
For The Active Hands On

Support Plan Level 1

Our level 1 plan is great for small, brochure-like sites that do not receive a lot of traffic and do not boast advanced functionality like donation forms. With this plan, we pro-actively keep your site updated, safe and secure — and backed up, just in case.

Support Plan Level 2

Our level 2 plan has all the benefits of the level 1 plan but on a weekly approach for all backups, updates and more.

Plus 30min Tech Support included!

Support Plan Level 3

Our level 3 is the most popular and is built for larger sites that have frequent content updates or more complex features like donation forms or e-commerce. This plan has the added benefit of 2 hour of modifications or troubleshooting per month, so it covers a lot of the little things along the way, including visual checks for copy and image issues.



Prompt. Professional. Patient. The young man provided the best follow up support - he took the time to walk me through the use of my page, which as a child of the 70's, was exactly what I needed. He really knows his stuff and I am more than happy to recommend this business.

Roberta McInturff December 5, 2018

It is critical for professional history businesses to survive that they must develop their scholarly-but-publicly-engaging publications and other products as online sites.The challenge for both history consultants and public historians employed in various institutions is that IT teams are usually too busy with more pressing organisational agendas to provide even sufficient attention to the needs of the niche but growing history or heritage industry.That Website is Me has provided me, as a history consultant, working with different teams of professional colleagues, and on several long-term projects, with the essential online development for my business. I have found in this business, not only an extremely reliable web-design consultant, but one who has a far better insight into the technical possibilities for our vision to take local and Queensland history to a whole new level.That Website is Me is a business which does not provide a service. It is online development that excels in meeting your objectives in a way that shares in your own passions for the success of your own business.It is what business partnership should be.

Neville Buch May 4, 2015

I engaged That Website is Me to set up the website for my local history project, A Continuous Thread: the Lebanese Presence in South Brisbane, Woolloongabba and West End, as I noticed it was the website designer for the Mapping Brisbane History Website. I liked what I saw and thought it would suit my project. I was a complete novice when it came to developing a website but Ryan made what was for me a daunting task doable. He gave me clear instructions as to what I needed to do, patiently answered my questions and responded quickly to all my requests regarding changes or additions to the website. From the outset, working with Ryan was a very positive experience and I have engaged That Website is Me to continue to work with me to manage the website. I highly recommend That Website is Me. In my experience, the development process was true to its slogan , ‘Together, We Create’. That Website is Me is excellent value and provides a professional, efficient and insightful service.

Anne Monsour October 8, 2021

I got to know Ryan through other's recomendation. And I am very satisfied with his services and the beutiful unique website he designed for me. Ryan is a community minded person. He focuses on areas he does best. For these reasons, Ryan has my highest recommendation to anyone who needs his professional services.

david ng August 23, 2018

Amazing experience creating my website, Ryan is super kind, patient and professional. Every question was answer, every request done. Thank so much Ryan for all the wrok you did.

Javiera Urzua July 31, 2021

Ryan from That Website Is Me is an absolute star. He has helped update my website from the original set up of holiday homes, calendar's, google maps and ratings and everything required for traffic flow and enquiries. There was immediate response from his work. He is very knowledgeable and professional in his field. Nothing is too much trouble as he is always one click away with any issues or questions. I cannot recommend Ryan enough for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand what it takes to create a web design that achieves your business goals, whether that’s more leads, more sales or more credibility to your specific online customers.

Can I ask you specific question about my site?

If I can answer it by looking at your website and within 10 minutes, yes. After you order you can respond to your order email with specifics to your URL.

If I’m on a monthly plan (of any kind) will my hours roll over?

All monthly retainer clients will be charged a set, agreed upon fee on the 3rd of the month, every month. Hours included in the package do not roll over from month to month. This includes hours missed based on holidays or vacations taken by either party. Certain exceptions may be granted in extreme situations on a case-by-case basis.

All website support plan hours do not roll over.

Do websites need maintenance?

All businesses need regular website maintenance to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings and present new information, products and services to the public. Website maintenance is also required to maintain the value of the website over time. As new security flaws are found within browsers, plugins, and WordPress itself, there is a need to update as often as possible to stay on to of it all.

How much does it cost to maintain a website monthly?

We offer a monthly maintenance plan where we look after the site for you as well as make changes at your request. Pricing may change so check out the maintenance services we currently offer. Other fees (often yearly) may include website hosting, email servers, and domain name renewals.

What is the best way to contact you?

For general inquiries, reach out to us by our contact page. For new websites, start at our Website Design page and for signing up to our website support, start at our support page.

What are your business hours?

Business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm. Excludes public holidays.

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