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For a new business or updating an old website,
a mobile responsive website is a must-have for the mobile age.


Plans and Pricing Guide

*Prices are estimates as each business requirements are different
Reduced features available for budget businesses or full setups available. Share your business with us for the best website design value.

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A Mobile Site Boost Sales

Mobile Responsive

Over 50% of Google Searches are on mobile devices – around 72% of smart phone owners used their devices to help them while they were already shopping in a physical store.

Designed For Mobile

Having a mobile strategy is no longer optional or a nice-to-have – 74% of Australians rely on their phones at least as much as they rely on their desktops, when searching for information, ideas or advice.

Extensive Demographic Studies

40% of millennials research their purchases on smartphones, more than twice as many as people ages 35+.

Extra Website Services

Page Speed Improvements

Is your website running slower than recommended?
A few tweaks and updates can help speed your website up dramatically. Built-in automatic features can help you with this.

Repeat Security Audits

While websites are generally secure and safe, extra layers of protects can stop your website from being hacked, spammed and abused. Safe Website, peaceful mind.

Regular Data Backups

Having a backup to go back up to gives you peace of mind. It is there in case you or someone else touch something that should not have been touched.

New Website Features

Gorgeous Design

Made with popular and responsive designed themes

Drag & Drop Builder

Easy and fast to use front end editor for quick website changes

Fully Responsive

Looks great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices

Speed Friendly Video Embed


Social Media Follow and Share Buttons


Build In Image/Video Sliders


Range of Smooth Animations


Tabs and Toggle Content Areas


Smart Testimonial Designs


Portfolio Feature System


Manage Website Members

Upgrade Your Online Business

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Get your site optimised for Google and Bing Search Engines to rank for targeted search terms related to your business.

Pay Per Click

Setup PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement with Google and Facebook to give your business targeted traffic to generate more sales. Great for businesses starting out that needs brand/business awareness and sales fast.

Website Training

Become the master of your website!
Learn how to easily update text and images, add new pages, add and edit products and much much more.

Domain Name and Hosting

We provide website hosting and can setup a domain name for you.

We can work with other website hosting companies and can link up domain names to our hosting or other hosting setups.


We can set up an SSL cert into your hosting for your website to provide HTTPS for your visitors.

HTTPS allows for secure internet browsing on your website for your visitors and is highly recommened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees?
Our packages cover the basic setup needed. You usually only need to supply a domain name renewal, hosting renewal, and SSL Certificate renewal for each year. Domains are usually around $10-$30 per year, and web hosting will cost $50 per year. An SSL Certificate will set you back about $12 per year (and worth it). Extra services or features requested outside of the packages will incur extra fees.
How long does it take to make a website?
Again this depends on the complexity of your website and how urgent you need it. 3 Months has been the average turnaround for a normal website for a small business.
Do I need to buy some security add-ons once I’ve got my website?
We offer an addon where we setup the required WordPress security plugins to stop any bot hack attempts, spam and more.
Can I make changes later?
Yes, you can. We setup your website to be easily edited and updated. We also provide a service where we make the changes for you on your website.
Can you help me write content for my website?
We outsource any content writing you require to proffesional writers. Changes will incur extra fees.
Who owns the site/domain name/hosting?

Unless otherwise requested, everything that we build will be 100% owned by you. Hosting and domain names can not be “owned” and are rented on a yearly basis (outside our control) by yourself. The website itself is yours to do with as you please (within the limits of the law).

We provide admin login details for you with all required systems.

Can I see how many visitors go to my website?
Your website will be linked up with Google Analytics where you can see basic stats in the website’s Dashboard or logging into the Google Analytics account to see indepth details.
Will training be offered/included?
Training is a seperate offered service as training can extend outside using your website. Training is often done in hour blocks. Please contact us if you are after one on one training for your WordPress website.
What happens if the site breaks, is hacked, or malfunctions?

We design and set up the websites to run without any problems to happen however in the event something does happen, we do offer services to continuously manage, update and clean up your website.
When your website goes live, a backup of your WordPress is made that can be used as a rollback. If you do not have regular backups running, you may lose any changes you made after the backup.

Is any business or industry research done before designing?
Yes, depending on the level needed, industry research is done to understand the basics of your audiences and how to be designing for them.

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