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As each business is unique, we analyse your business, get to know your goals, and develop a path to better and sustainable online success

And it all starts with a website…

Looks Great On All Devices

Built to be mobile first with smart industry standard UX/UI designs, your visitors will love your stylish website.

The Need For Speeeeed

Both the website and the creation process are fast! By using TWIM Blueprints, we can quickly create your website that is built to be speedy.


Built With Security in Mind

Keep the terminators and let in the happy visitors! These websites are protected and secure by design.

Room For Growth and More

With WordPress at its core, your website can expand as needed and when needed. By planning ahead, we can be flexible with your needs to your timeline.

That website Is Me WordPress website Design

All websites by That website Is Me are made with the Content Management System WordPress and the popular page builder Divi, meaning you can choose to easily add and edit the website yourself on the fly. Making changes has never be faster or easier.

More on TWIM Business websites

From local small businesses to large multi-location companies, there is a business website suited for you! From a simple online business card style website to multi-paged service and informational website, you can plan and design what suits your business needs.

With inbuilt SEO, and image optimisation on the fly, your website will be ready for the big search engines to attract your visitors and customers.

Built with security, keep your website and visitors safe from spam, bots and hacking attempts. With support and maintenance services available, your website will stay up-to-date, backed up and protected. 

Each new website is set up with visitor tracking so you can see where they come from, and how they interact with your website. Keep on top of what your customers need from you with this valuable data.

More on TWIM E-Commerce websites

Just like Business websites but with the popular e-commerce shopping feature WooCommerce installed. 

WooCommerce allows your business to list products (digital and physical) with ease and options. From single product types or multivariates, there is an online shop option suited for your business. 

With the option for multiple payment options (Stripe, Paypal, Afterpay, plus cash on delivery), you can get paid whatever way suits you and your customers.  

To find out pricing and timing, please select your website options.

We are awesome to work with, but we don’t expect you to just take our word for it.

Take their word for it.

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Getting A Website

Start by selecting your options below and send them to us.
We will be in contact with more questions to better understand your business and your visitor needs.

1) Choose A Website Type

Select the websites purpose

That website Is Me WordPress Business website Design

Business Website

Great for local business, service businesses
and multi-location businesses

That website Is Me WordPress eCommerce website Design

eCommerce Website

For businesses wanting to
sell products online

2) Select The Website Business Size

How large is your business for the website?

I am a

More Information

I am a

More Information

I am a

More Information

3) Website Content Assets

How will the content for the website be created/provided?

You Provide The Assets

All Assets Provided By You*
2 Design Revision Rounds
Research Business for website Structure
We Create Designs Based on Business Content Provided

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After researching your business and industry, we create a website page structure that we think best fits your visitor’s demands along with your business structure. We will create the pages and design them around the content you provide such as text, images and videos.

With 2 rounds of revisions changes to the design and layout, you will be happy with your website (and so will your visitors).

Note*: You are responsible for any custom illustrations, custom-made fonts, logo designs, copywriting, photos, and branding. Quilty of assets needs to be of web standard in order for designs to go as expected.

But don’t worry, if you want, you can request extra content from us later.

We Provide The Assets

We outsource to expert SEO content writers*
2 Design Revision Rounds
Research Industry Demand and Business
We Create Designs Based on Researched SEO Content

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After researching your business, industry, and popular search engine terms, we create a website page structure that we think best fits your visitor’s demands along with your business structure. We will outsource page text to expect SEO writers for these pages to help rank in search engines such as Google. Photos will be selected from stock photo websites along with any brand and business images you may provide.

With 2 rounds of revisions changes to the design and layout, you will be happy with your website (and so will your visitors).

Extra content creation such as videos and images will need to be discussed. 

Note*: Revisions to writing content may be subject to extra costs depending on the writer.

Note**: You are responsible for any custom illustrations, custom-made fonts, logo designs, and branding. Quilty of assets needs to be of web standard in order for designs to go as expected.


4) Website Addons (Optional)

Add as many optional features to the website to improve the function or value to your customers

More Information

More Information

More Information

5) Maintenance Services (Optional)

Choose the as many maintenance services you want that will help the website stay safe, grow and prosper.

Backups and Security


Minimum 3 months at $180

Highly Recommended

You get:

Weekly website software updates
Monitored Website Activity
Monthly Backups offsite of the website

More Information

Having website security helps to stop bots and “hackers” from gaining access to your website and using it for evil. This includes comment spam, brute force login attacks, malware file uploads, and more. Various website events are tracked and emailed out to monitor activity.

Each month, the website software will be updated to help reduce new website attacks to the website.

Having website backups allows you to roll back to the latest secure website version if something happens to your website. The backup is the recovery process for if your site is hacked and cannot be fixed (they get through the security), or if something is changed that can not be undone (A page is accidental deleted etc).

It is cheaper and faster to backup and recovery than to build from destruction.

Monthly Service Work


Minimum 3 months at $360


Like any store front, it needs upkeep and maintenance to keep running and bringing business.

Same goes for your website.

More Information

With this service, you get up to 2 hours per month that covers the following:

  1. Emergency work or error fixing that may have incurred outside of our services.
  2. Domain Name, SSL, hosting and email issues that may arise along with all domain, hosting & SSL renewal servicing.
  3. Changes to the website at your command. These changes can be updating pages and posts, adding new content such as images and videos to the website, optimising pages for SEO and Conversion Rate (Requires Visitor Reporting), and keeping the website updated and fast.

Unused time does not roll over and work is done in order of priority as listed above.

We will let you know if we think any tasks will go over the 2 hours.

Monthly Visitor Reporting


Minimum 3 months at $180


You Get:
A live report of your website traffic accessible anytime
Monthly updates on what performed well and what needs improvements

More Information

Knowing where your visitors are coming from both online and location, is valuable information to you. With this information, you can choose to adjust your business direction, add or remove services and products, or modify business marketing strategies.

Is Facebook bring the most sales or is Brisbane the city that has the least interested visitors?

Does the money you spend on Facebook ads have a high ROI or are there signs you need to adjust some targeting parameters?

Should you be improving your SEO or putting more effort into other forms of advertisement?

Once you set the Key Performance Indicator for your business, we can advise the directions that will bring the most value back.

- - -


Est. Weeks to complete
Features and Addons

New websites comes with 2 Years Free Hosting + SSL
You simply license the domain name you want (price not included), we take care of the details.

Valued at $80/year

websites can range between $600 to $6720. Note: All prices are close estimates and are subject to change
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The Next Step

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We will be in touch with some questions to help better understand your website needs, so keep an eye out for an email from us.

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