A common question about getting a website was the cost. Afterall, how much would it be to get a sleepless salesperson that had the same message you did while you were out focusing on other important items?
To save time, money and still look professional, we created website blueprints: Pre-designed websites that are fast to update text and images to fit the desired vision you have. Getting a website now takes days, not months as most of the hard choices are made already.
With mobile-focused designs, and SEO ready out of the box, these websites are great for new businesses that want to grow online. By taking your business branding, your message and great images, we can quickly create a stylish looking website ready to attract customers.
The best part, pick only what you need! No extra bloat or features that you have no use for. But if you want to speed up your website experience for your visitors and customers, there are add-ons and services that will greatly boost the website.
These add-ons can be added anytime, so if your business grows and needs more, it can be done fast and easy.
Other the years, particular trends occurred when creating custom websites for clients. By putting these trends into packages and addons, it allowed the blueprints to be created for easy to understand and fast to deploy websites. And if you want to go custom, let’s talk.
There are three (3) types of blueprints: General or Business, Online eShop, and Portfolio or Blog. There are previews for each type found on the pricing system page. Each type of blueprint has different add-ons designed for that blueprint type. There are also extra services that apply to all blueprints that help expand the websites use.
If you have any questions, please reach out.
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I don't really have a job title, since I am the only employee. I guess "founder" is best. As the saying goes "a founder wears all hats" - so my job duties are basically everything that needs to be done.

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