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That is our goal. To get from Hello to thank you. Because we know that when you feel you can say thank you and mean it, we know we have done a good job for you.

That Website Is Me provide thank you solutions by making marketing your business online easy


achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties.

– Google

We are awesome to work with, but we don’t expect you to just take our word for it.
Take their word for it.

Absolute reliable, knows his game and educates himself constantly to stay on top of it, passionate about his work and ambitious…I can only recommend Ryan´s work and am very pleased to have him and his team on board of the DSGN Kartell as our IT and web consultant.


Ronny Matzat

Creative Superhero, DSGNK

…That Website is Me is a business which does not provide a service. It is online development that excels in meeting your objectives in a way that shares in your own passions for the success of your own business. It is what business partnership should be.


Dr Neville Buch

Professional Historian, Dr Neville Buch

Great service. Ryan is always available to answer questions and carries out his business in an organized and professional manner. He goes beyond the expected service to ensure my website is responding the way I desire.


Aiden Taylor

Writer/Blogger, Aiden Taylor


27% of the internet is built on WordPress

Did you Know…

27% of the known internet is made with WordPress, a popular Content Manage System for building websites.

It is a great platform for local businesses that want an affordable and fast solution.

But who manages it after it has been built?

this is Why they say great things about us

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Just Some News, Updates, Tips

The Power of Voice (In A Website)

The sound we make by vibrating air that allows one person to share thoughts with another for better understanding.
But what happens when websites take on this trait?

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Get Your Business On Google Maps

Finding a service or product is easier today due to search engines, SEO and internet marketing, Big and small local businesses are having an online presence, competing for Google search result pages’ the top slots. A local business that is listed among the first search results is easier to find by potential customers.

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The Importance Of An Online Presence

Having an online presence as a business owner is a vital asset, whether you are trying to attract new customers or are simply wanting to evolve your level of customer service. Here is a breakdown of what else you need to know about it.

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