Select Your Package

Select a package from our range of pricing options tailored to meet your company’s requirements. Our packages are all accessible under our 24-month flexible pricing scheme.

However, if you prefer upfront payment, simply contact us, and we’ll be happy to arrange a special discount for you.

Should you require an eCommerce site or any features not included in our standard pricing packages, kindly reach out to us, and we will promptly provide you with a detailed proposal tailored to your specific needs.

Book Your Meeting

Once you’ve selected your ideal package, the next exciting leap forward is to book your meeting with us. This is where the magic of collaboration begins. You’ll choose a time that fits seamlessly into your schedule, ensuring our first meeting is as convenient as it is pivotal.

During this initial meeting, the focus is on you — your aspirations, your brand’s personality, and the transformative journey you envision for your website. It’s a time for open dialogue, where questions meet clarity and your ideas start taking shape.

Think of it as the drafting table where we sketch the blueprint of your digital future, marking the beginning of a partnership aimed at crafting a website that truly resonates with your audience.

Signing Up For A Plan

The journey to elevating your online presence takes a significant stride forward with this step. It’s a moment of commitment, where you affirm your choice and we gear up to transform your vision into reality.

This step is as straightforward as it is meaningful; we provide a clear, concise breakdown of the plan you’ve chosen, detailing what it encompasses and how it aligns with your business objectives. You’ll find ease in the sign-up process, designed to be user-friendly and transparent, ensuring you’re informed and confident in your decision.

Once the sign-up is complete, a sense of anticipation builds; it’s the prelude to crafting a website that not only looks stunning but performs impeccably. This pivotal moment marks the beginning of our collaboration, setting the stage for your brand’s digital metamorphosis.

Design & Development

This step is where your digital dreams begin to morph into reality, a phase brimming with creativity, strategy, and meticulous crafting. This stage is a deep dive into the essence of your brand, where every pixel, every line of code, is deliberate, aiming to echo your brand’s ethos.

Our team, equipped with your insights and the project blueprint, sets the wheels in motion, designing and developing with precision and innovation. It’s a symphony of collaboration; regular updates and milestones ensure you’re part of the journey, your feedback steering the project towards perfection.

Expect this phase to be dynamic, sometimes challenging, but ultimately rewarding, as you see your website evolving, growing closer to the vision you aspire to share with the world.

It’s not just about building a website; it’s crafting an experience, an identity online that stands tall and proud.

Review Your Website

This step is a pivotal moment in our collaborative journey, a time to reflect, refine, and revel in the progress made. As your website takes shape, this phase offers you the proverbial magnifying glass, allowing you to scrutinize every aspect, from design nuances to content clarity.

It’s an interactive process where your insights and feedback become the gold that refines the project. We encourage you to unleash your inner critic, ensuring every element aligns with your vision and exceeds your expectations.

Our team stands ready, pencils sharpened and minds open, to tweak, adjust, and enhance, transforming feedback into action. This step is not just about perfection but about partnership, a shared commitment to launching a website that truly embodies your brand and mission.

Website Launch

This step is the crescendo of our collective efforts, a moment charged with anticipation and excitement. It’s here that the digital curtain rises, unveiling your website to the world.

This culminating phase isn’t just about pressing a button; it involves rigorous final checks, ensuring that every link clicks, every page loads flawlessly, and your site is optimised for search engines.

Then, with a sense of pride and accomplishment, we make the transition from development to live, sharing your brand’s story with the global audience. It’s a moment of celebration, but also the beginning of a new chapter where your website starts its journey to captivate, engage, and convert visitors.

The launch is not the end, but a bright commencement to the impactful online presence we’ve crafted together.

Ongoing Maintenance

This step is to recognize that a great website is never truly finished; it evolves. This stage secures the longevity and relevance of your digital presence, a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation.

Our dedicated team remains at your side for the next 2 years, vigilantly monitoring performance, implementing updates, and ensuring your site adapts to the ever-changing web landscape – all at no extra cost.

This means we’ll be the custodians of your site on our top-tier servers, ensuring its smooth operation around the clock. From scheduled updates to unexpected glitches, our team has it covered, freeing you to focus on your business without digital worry. Plus, we embrace your evolving needs; whether it’s swapping images or tweaking text, your requests are limitless and just an email away from being fulfilled.

With us, it’s not just ongoing maintenance; it’s ongoing peace of mind, ensuring your digital presence is as dynamic and reliable as your business itself.

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

Select Your Package

Begin your journey to digital excellence by selecting a package that suits your unique needs, from website revamps to full-scale launches. After choosing, simply enter your contact details to pave the way for a personalised, seamless collaboration tailored to bring your vision to life.

Check Your Email

Keep an eye on your inbox for our email, which includes a special booking link designed for smooth sailing. Once it arrives, simply click through to confirm your appointment, setting the stage for our exciting collaboration to take off.

Book Your Meeting

Secure a slot for our complimentary 30-minute consultation, a golden opportunity for us to delve into the heart of your business and website requirements. This initial meeting is pivotal, ensuring we fully understand your queries and needs.

Reviews From Business Owners Just Like You

We are awesome to work with, but we don’t expect you to just take our word for it.


Ryan’s service and customer attention is absolutely top notch – he was extremely through in making sure our wants and needs for QAAM’s websites were sorted even before any work was initiated.

Sean Chan May 2, 2015

Great service. Ryan is always available to answer questions and carries out his business in an organized and professional manner. He goes beyond the expected service to ensure my website is responding the way I desire.

Aiden Taylor May 28, 2017

I have had the pleasure of working with Ryan on several different project now. He is incredibly knowledgeable in the web development/design space and implements solutions that effective, creative and aligned with the most current industry best practices. Not only does he have brilliant ideas he also works to accommodate any ideas I might have in a very patient manner. Best of all he is usually just one click or phone call away irrespective of time or day. His results truly speak for themselves!

Paul Carter August 22, 2022

It is critical for professional history businesses to survive that they must develop their scholarly-but-publicly-engaging publications and other products as online sites.The challenge for both history consultants and public historians employed in various institutions is that IT teams are usually too busy with more pressing organisational agendas to provide even sufficient attention to the needs of the niche but growing history or heritage industry.That Website is Me has provided me, as a history consultant, working with different teams of professional colleagues, and on several long-term projects, with the essential online development for my business. I have found in this business, not only an extremely reliable web-design consultant, but one who has a far better insight into the technical possibilities for our vision to take local and Queensland history to a whole new level.That Website is Me is a business which does not provide a service. It is online development that excels in meeting your objectives in a way that shares in your own passions for the success of your own business.It is what business partnership should be.

Neville Buch May 4, 2015

Ryan from That Website Is Me is an absolute star. He has helped update my website from the original set up of holiday homes, calendar’s, google maps and ratings and everything required for traffic flow and enquiries. There was immediate response from his work. He is very knowledgeable and professional in his field. Nothing is too much trouble as he is always one click away with any issues or questions. I cannot recommend Ryan enough for your business.


That Website is me founded by Ryan has assisted me immensely in my past and continuing website development. His personal service is appreciated ,he understands what works and can guide you on the important issues in website development.I rely on him to get things done efficiently and highly recommend his expertise

Mark Thomson May 17, 2019

About Us

With years of experience, qualifications to back us up, and a network of like-minded businesses – We produce results our customers are proud of.

Established in 2015, That Website Is Me is in the industry of website development and design with a focus on small service businesses. We are Australia-based and focus on Australian customers!

We love what we do and we aim to do it well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

You’ll agree to a modest monthly fee over 24 months, but rest assured, you’ll reap the benefits of your site from the very first day.

How long will it take to build my website?

We aim to get your website live in as little as 30 days (once your onboarding phase is complete). Larger packages and add-on services may extend the length of your project.

Do you provide images and content?

Sure can! We provide content creation and image-sourcing services as part of our website development offerings.

Should you opt for our assistance in crafting compelling content and sourcing paid high-quality images, we offer these services at a rate of $150 per page for copywriting.

Additionally, image sourcing from our free resources is included in all our packages at no extra cost. Our aim is to ensure your website not only looks visually appealing but also effectively communicates your message to your audience. Hint: hiring your own photographer can get better lead results as the photos are personalised to your business!

Will my website be Google-optimised?

Absolutely! We lay the foundation of every website with WordPress, ensuring you’re set up for optimal performance from the get-go. Included in each of our packages is a comprehensive prcoess of search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics, designed to kickstart your website’s visibility. This encompasses everything from finely-tuned heading tags and URL structures to strategically crafted title tags and meta descriptions.

Moreover, we go the extra mile by enhancing your image files for faster load times and crafting an XML sitemap to boost your website’s discoverability. Security and speed are paramount, which is why we secure your site with an SSL certificate and optimise for quick loading — critical factors that influence your search engine standings.

And for those needing an edge with content, professional, keyword-rich content creation is within reach — all you have to do is let us know!

Do you provide email accounts?

Yes, we have a range of solutions for emails with your business for both long term and simple setups.

Ask us about our managed email service for more information.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you can request a full refund of your subscription for any reason within the first 30 days.

Do I own the website?

Yes! We firmly believe in providing our customers with freedom.

After completing the full term of your website contract, the website becomes entirely yours. You have the option to take full control, handling hosting, management, and maintenance independently.

Alternatively, you can continue with our website management services at a discounted rate, offered on a month-to-month basis.

Can you build me a fully custom website?

Yes, we can build you a fully custom design for any one of our packages. It is a one-time addon cost from $2000 to make your website a fully custom, unique one of a kind, piece of art. This request must be made prior to signing up.

Do you provide domain names?

Yes, we understand the importance of having a unique and memorable online presence, which starts with a domain name that reflects your brand identity. Search for your new domain name here:

Of if you want us to help manage your domain, transfer it to our domain system.

Do you provide web hosting services?

Certainly! Our web packages include top-notch web hosting services tailored specifically to businesses in Australia. Our hosting infrastructure is strategically located within Australia, ensuring lightning-fast website loading speeds for your local audience.

Furthermore, our hosting services are perfectly aligned with the websites we build. Whether you’re running a small business website or an e-commerce store, our hosting platform is optimised to deliver optimal performance and reliability, ensuring seamless operation and exceptional user experience for your visitors.

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Maria Lynch

left us a 5 star review

Maria Lynch
March 13, 2024

I have been working with Ryan in building my website. I have found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I can bounce ideas around and he listens, he will then find ways and make suggestions to improve the website. Thanks Ryan

Paul Grundy
January 3, 2024

Ryan did a fantastic job building a website for me from scratch. He has also assisted me in other areas including google business account, Facebook, email setup. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a web designer for their business.

Dobromir Hristov
October 9, 2023
Jonathan Herreen
September 29, 2023

I would like to thank Ryan very much for turning my vague ideas into a brand new website im proud to tell people about. His manner was perfect for an annoying person like me, he let me trial and error a few ideas before adding his experience and skills to make it fit together. It only took 1 month and of that, i wasted 10 days, so im also pleased with his delivery target too. His back up service and hosting knowledge certainly made my life easy. I was also pleased with price, so overall I can highly reccomend Ryan if anyone is thinking about a fresh site. Thanks again Ryan

James O
September 15, 2022

Ryan has been an amazing help with my projects over the last 2 years. He's built all of my amazing websites and integrated the booking systems. Everything runs smoothly, fast, modern and its all aesthetically pleasing. Highly recommend!

Paul Carter
August 22, 2022

I have had the pleasure of working with Ryan on several different project now. He is incredibly knowledgeable in the web development/design space and implements solutions that effective, creative and aligned with the most current industry best practices. Not only does he have brilliant ideas he also works to accommodate any ideas I might have in a very patient manner. Best of all he is usually just one click or phone call away irrespective of time or day. His results truly speak for themselves!